Agriculture is the main source of employment in Uttarakhand as more than half of the population of the state earned their livelihood from this sector. IndiastatUttarakhand is a comprehensive source for state agriculture statistics by providing the authentic and updated statistical information on various sectors like Agricultural Area/Land Use, Agricultural Co-operatives, Agricultural Education, Agricultural Export, Agricultural Implements and Machinery, Agricultural Imports, Agricultural Indices, Agricultural Input-Ouput, Agricultural Institutional Finance, Agricultural Insurance, Agricultural Land Holdings, Agricultural Marketing, Agricultural Offtake Allocation and Procurement, Agricultural Prices, Agricultural Production, Agricultural Schemes, Agricultural Stock, Agricultural Subsidy, Agricultural Workforce, Animal Husbandry/Livestock, Cold Storage, Consumption of Fertilisers, Consumption of Pesticides, Cost of Cultivation/Production, Fisheries (Aquaculture), Horticulture, HYVP Crops, Irrigation, Kisan Credit Card, Milk and Dairy Products, Poultry, Seeds, Warehouses and Water Resources.

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Agricultural Area/Land Use Agricultural Area/Land Use: Area under Crops by Social Groups Area under Food Crops Area under Non-Food Crops Cropping Intensity/Pattern Land Use Classification Normal and Sown Area under Crops
Agricultural Co-operatives Agricultural Co-operatives: Overview Primary Agricultural Credit Societies Primary Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks Primary Non Agricultural Credit Societies State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks
Agricultural Education Agricultural Education: Agricultural Trainings and Farmers Financial Allocation/Expenditure for Agriculture Education Krishi Kendras/Agri-Clinics/Agri-Business Centres
Agricultural Export Agricultural Export : Agricultural Commodities Export Cashew Export Coffee Export Fertilisers Export Foodgrains Export Horticulture Export Jute Export Livestocks Export Marine Products Export Oilmeals Export Spices Export Sugar Export Tea Export Tobacco Export
Agricultural Implements and Machinery Agricultural Implements and Machinery: Agriculture Mechanisation Implements and Machinery used in Agricultural Sectors
Agricultural Imports Agricultural Imports : Agricultural Commodities Import Cashew Import Edible Oil Import Edible Oil Import: Imports of Total Edible Oils Month/Port-wise Edible Oil Import Port-wise Refined and Crude Edible Oil Import Fertilisers Import Fertilisers Import: Agency-wise Fertilisers Import Country-wise Fertilisers Import Port-wise Fertilisers Import STE-wise Fertilisers Import Total Fertiliser Materials Import Foodgrains Import Horticulture Import Jute Import Livestocks Import Marine Products Import Spices Import Sugar Import Tea Import Tobacco Import
Agricultural Indices Agricultural Indices: Growth Rate of Agricultural Production Index of Agricultural Production
Agricultural Input-Output Agricultural Input-Output: Agricultural Input Survey Value of Output from Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Value of Output from Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing: By-products By-products: Value of Output from Agriculture and Allied Activities Value of Output from Kitchen Garden Value of Output from Straw and Stalks Value of Output from Total and Others by Products Cereals Cereals: Value of Output from Bajra Value of Output from Barley Value of Output from Jowar Value of Output from Maize Value of Output from Paddy Value of Output from Ragi Value of Output from Small Millets and Cereals Value of Output from Wheat Condiments and Spices Condiments and Spices: Value of Output from Ajwain Value of Output from Arecanut Value of Output from Black Pepper Value of Output from Cardamom Value of Output from Cloves Value of Output from Condiments and Spices Value of Output from Coriander Value of Output from Cumin Value of Output from Dry Chillies Value of Output from Dry Ginger Value of Output from Fennel Value of Output from Fenugreek Value of Output from Garlic Value of Output from Nutmeg Value of Output from Tamarind Value of Output from Turmeric Drugs and Narcotics Drugs and Narcotics: Value of Output from Cocoa Value of Output from Coffee Value of Output from Drugs and Narcotics Value of Output from Tea Value of Output from Tobacco Fibres Fibres: Value of Output from Fibres Value of Output from Jute Value of Output from Kapas Value of Output from Mesta Value of Output from Rubber Value of Output from Sanhemp Fruits and Vegetables Fruits and Vegetables: Value of Output from Banana Value of Output from Dry Fruits Value of Output from Floriculture Value of Output from Fruits and Vegetables Value of Output from Onion Value of Output from Other Horticulture Crops Value of Output from Potato Value of Output from Sweet Potato Value of Output from Tapioca Indigo Livestock Livestock: Value of Output from Dung Value of Output from Egg Value of Output from Fodder and Grass Value of Output from Livestock Value of Output from Meat Value of Output from Milk Value of Output from Wool Oilseeds Oilseeds: Value of Output from Castor Value of Output from Coconut Value of Output from Groundnut Value of Output from Guarseed Value of Output from Linseed Value of Output from Nigerseed Value of Output from Oilseed Value of Output from Rapeseed and Mustard Value of Output from Safflower Value of Output from Sesamum Value of Output from Soyabean Value of Output from Sunflower Others Others: Value of Output from Crops Value of Output from Fisheries Value of Output from Forestry Value of Output from Increment in Stock Value of Output from Silk Worm Cocoons and Honey Pulses Pulses: Value of Output from Arhar Value of Output from Gram Value of Output from Horsegram Value of Output from Lakh/Khesari Value of Output from Masoor Value of Output from Moong Value of Output from Moth Value of Output from Peas/Chawali Value of Output from Pulses Value of Output from Urad Sugar Sugar: Value of Output from Sugar Value of Output from Sugarcane and Gur
Agricultural Institutional Finance Agricultural Institutional Finance: Credit Flow in Agriculture Performance of Agricultural Insititutions
Agricultural Insurance Agricultural Insurance : Coconut Palm Insurance Scheme (CPIS) National Agricultural Insurance Scheme (NAIS) Others Agricutlural Insurance Schemes Performance of Agriculture Insurance Company of India Limited (AIC) Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme (WBCIS)
Agricultural Land Holdings Agricultural Land Holdings: Distribution of Agricultural Land-Holdings Household Ownership and Operational Holdings
Agricultural Marketing Agricultural Marketing: Agricultural Marketing of Various Crops Agricultural Products under AGMARK Integrated Scheme for Agricultural Marketing (ISAM) Marketable Surplus of Agricultural Crops Marketable Surplus of Agricultural Crops: Market Surplus Ratio of Crops Marketable Surplus of Barley Marketable Surplus of Black Gram Marketable Surplus of Lentil (Masoor) Marketable Surplus of Maize Marketable Surplus of Ragi Marketable Surplus of Red Gram Marketable Surplus of Wheat Marketing of Agricultural Crops Marketing of Agricultural Crops: Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure Quantity Graded and Estimated Value of Agricultural Crops National Agriculture Market (e-NAM) Open Market Sale Scheme (Domestic)
Agricultural Offtake Allocation and Procurement Agricultural Offtake Allocation and Procurement: Above Poverty Line/Below Poverty Line Foodgrains Foodgrains: Allocation and Offtake of Foodgrains under Various Welfare Schemes Annual Allocation and Offtake of Foodgrains Foodgrains under Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) Foodgrains under Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS): Food Security under Targeted Public Distribution System Monthly Allocation and Offtake of Foodgrains under TPDS Monthly Allocation and Offtake of Rice under TPDS Monthly Allocation and Offtake of Wheat under TPDS Levy Sugar NAFED Rice Rice: Annual Offtake, Allocation and Procurement of Rice Monthly Allocation and Offtake of Rice under TPDS Monthly Offtake, Allocation and Procurement of Rice Wheat Wheat: Annual Offtake, Allocation and Procurement of Wheat Monthly Allocation and Offtake of Wheat under TPDS Monthly Offtake, Allocation and Procurement of Wheat
Agricultural Prices Agricultural Prices: Farm Harvest Prices Fertiliser Prices Issue Prices Minimum Support Prices Other Crop Prices Retail Prices Retail Prices: Eggs, Meat & Fish Eggs, Meat & Fish: Chicken Egg Fish Meat Mutton Foodgrains Foodgrains: Cereals Cereals: Bajra Jowar Maize Ragi Rice Wheat Pulses Pulses: Arhar Gram Masur Moong Urad Fruits Fruits: Apple Banana Milk Other Food Articles Other Food Articles: Coffee Tea Others Spices Spices: Black Pepper Chillies (Dry) Coriander Cumin Garlic Turmeric Sugar and Oils Sugar and Oils: Coconut Oil Groundnut Oil Gur Mustard Oil Sugar Vanaspati Oil Vegetables Vegetables: Brinjal Onion Potato Tomato Wholesale Prices Wholesale Prices: All Commodities Cereals and Millets Commercial Crops Fruits and Nuts Livestock Products Oils and Cakes Pulses Spices Vegetables
Agricultural Production Agricultural Production: Commercial Crops Commercial Crops: Opium Sugarcane Tobacco Total Commercial Crops Fiber Crops Fiber Crops: Cotton (Lint) / Kapas Jute and Mesta Jute and Mesta: Jute Mesta Total Jute and Mesta Sannhemp Foodgrains Foodgrains: Cereals and Millets Cereals and Millets: Bajra (Spiked Millet) Barley Coarse Cereals Jowar (Great Millet) Maize Ragi (Finger Millets) Rice Small Millets Total Cereals and Millets Wheat Pulses Pulses: Arhar (Tur) Gram or Bengal Gram (Chickpea) Khesari or Lakh Kulthi (Horse Gram) Masoor (Lentil) Moong (Green Gram) Moth Peas and Beans Total Pulses Urad (Black Gram) Total Foodgrains Oilseeds Oilseeds: Castor Seed Groundnut Guar Seed Linseed (Flaxseed) Nigerseed Rapeseed and Mustard Safflower Sesamum Soyabean Sunflower Total Oilseeds
Agricultural Schemes Agricultural Schemes: Attracting and Retaining Youth in Agriculture (ARYA) Project Horticulture Mission for North East and Himalayan States (HMNEH) Integrated Scheme of Oilseeds, Pulses, Oilpalm and Maize (ISOPOM) Macro Management of Agriculture Scheme Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) National Agroforestry and Bamboo Mission (NABM) National Food Security Mission (NFSM) National Horticulture Mission (NHM) National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB) Schemes National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA) National Mission on Agricultural Extension and Technology (NMAET) Other Agricultural Schemes Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) Scheme Promoting Organic Farming through Various Schemes/Programmes Rainfed Area Development Programme (RADP) Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) Soil Health Card (SHC) Scheme Sub-Mission on Agriculture Mechansation (SMAM) Technology Mission on Cotton (TMC)
Agricultural Stocks Agricultural Stocks: Foodgrains Stocks Movement/Despatches of Foodgrains
Agricultural Subsidy Agricultural Subsidy: Subsidy on Fertilisers Subsidy on Food and Agriculture Subsidy under NABARD and NAIS
Agricultural Wages Agricultural Wages: Wage Rates for Cane Crushing Wage Rates for Fishermen Wage Rates for Harvesting/Winnowing/Threshing Workers Wage Rates for Herdsmen/Animal Husbandry Workers Wage Rates for Horticulture Workers Wage Rates for Loggers and Wood Cutters Wage Rates for Packaging Labourers Wage Rates for Picking Workers Wage Rates for Plant Protection Workers Wage Rates for Ploughing/Tilling Workers Wage Rates for Sowing/Planting/Transplanting/Weeding Workers Wage Rates for Various Agricultural Occupations
Agricultural Workforce Agricultural Workforce: Workforce in Agricultural Plantation Workforce in Agricultural Sectors
Animal Husbandry/Livestock Animal Husbandry/Livestock: Livestock Development Schemes/Programmes Livestock Development Schemes/Programmes: Fodder and Feed Development Scheme National Animal Disease Control Programme National Artificial Insemination Programme National Livestock Mission (NLM) Other Livestock Development Schemes/Programmes Rashtriya Gokul Mission (RGM) Livestock Farms and Other Infrastructures Livestock Population Livestock Products Livestock Products: Meat Production Wool Production Survey on Livestock Ownership Veterinary Institutions/Animal Health Services
Cold StoragesCold Storages
Consumption of Fertilisers Consumption of Fertilisers: Bio Fertilisers Consumption Consumption of Fertiliser Nurtients Consumption Ratio of Fertilisers Fertiliser Quality Control/Testing Laboratories Fertiliser Sale Points Requirement, Availability and Sales of Fertilisers Total Consumption of Fertilisers
Consumption of PesticidesConsumption of Pesticides
Cost of Cultivation/Production Cost of Cultivation/Production: Commercial Crops Commercial Crops: Cotton Jute Sugarcane Foodgrains Foodgrains: Bajra (Spiked Millet) Barley Jowar (Great Millet) Maize Paddy Ragi (Small Millet) Wheat Horticultural Crops Horticultural Crops: Coconut Onion Peas Potato Oilseeds Oilseeds: Groundnut Nigerseed Rapeseed and Mustard Safflower Sesamum Soyabean Sunflower Other Commodities Pulses Pulses: Arhar (Tur) Gram Masoor (Lentil) Moong Urad
Fisheries (Aquaculture) Fisheries (Aquaculture): Financial Assistance for Fisheries Sector Fish Landing Fish Production Fisherman and Disposition of Fish Catch Fishing Crafts/Harbours/Resources Others Preserved and Processed Fish Commodities
Horticulture Horticulture: Flowers Flowers: Anthurium Carnation Chrysanthemum Gerbera Gladiolus Jasmine Marigold Orchids Rose Total Flowers Tuberose (Rajnigandha) Tulip Fruits and Nuts Fruits and Nuts: Almond Aonla/Gooseberry (Amla) Apple Bael Banana Ber Citrus Custard Apple (Sharifa) Grapes Guava Jackfruit Kiwi Lime/Lemon Litchi Mango Mosambi Muskmelon Orange (Mandarin/Kinnow) Papaya Passion Fruit Peach Pear Picanut Pineapple Plum Pomegranate Sapota (Chiku) Strawberry Total Fruits Walnut Watermelon Honey/Beekeeping Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Plantation Crop Plantation Crop: Arecanut (Supari) Cashewnut Cocoa Coconut Coffee Oil Palm Rubber Tea Tea: Tea Estates & Bushes Tea Production Total Plantation Crops Spices Spices: Ajwain Seed Cardamom Cinnamon/Tejpatta Clove Coriander Cumin Dill/Poppy/Celery Dry Chillies Fennel Fenugreek Garlic Ginger Nutmeg Pepper Saffron/Vanilla Tamarind Total Spices Turmeric Total Horticulture Crops Vegetables Vegetables: Beans (Green) Bitter Gourd Bottle Gourd Brinjal Cabbage Capsicum Carrot Cauliflower Cucumber Elephant Foot Yam (Jimikand) Green Chillies Ladys finger/Okra Mushroom Onion Parwal/Pointed Gourd Peas (Green) Potato Pumpkin/Sitaphal/Kaddu Radish Sweet Potato Tapioca (Cassava) Tomato Total Vegetables
HYVP CropsHYVP Crops
Irrigation Irrigation: Agricultual Census on Irrigation Gross/Net Irrigated and Un-Irrigated Area Irrigated Area by Sources Irrigated Area under Crops Irrigation Projects Minor Irrigation Census Minor Irrigation Census: Deep Tubewells Dugwells Medium Tubewells Minor Irrigation Schemes Shallow Tubewells Summary of Minor Irrigation Census Physical and Financial Progress under Irrigation Schemes/Programmes Physical and Financial Progress under Irrigation Schemes/Programmes: Other Irrigation Schemes Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY) Water Rates for Irrigation
Kisan Credit Card Kisan Credit Card: Annual Performance of Kisan Credit Cards Quarterly Performance of Kisan Credit Card Scheme
Milk and Dairy Products Milk and Dairy Products: Dairy Development Schemes Dairy Development Schemes: Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS) Dairy Processing and Infrastructure Development Fund (DIDF) Intensive Dairy Development Programme (IDDP) National Dairy Plan National Programme for Dairy Development (NPDD) Other Dairy Development Schemes Support to Dairy Cooperatives Dairy Plants Milk Production
Poultry Poultry: Egg Production Poultry Development Schemes Poultry Population
Seeds Seeds: Breeder Seed Physical and Financial Performance under Seed Schemes Requirement and Availability of Quality Seeds Seeds Distribution
Warehouses Warehouses: Central Warehousing Corporation/State Warehousing Corporation Food Corporation of India (FCI)
Water Resources Water Resources: Bore Holes/Wells Command Area Development and Water Management (CADWM) Programme Dams/Reservoirs Fluctuation and Frequency Distribution of Ground Water Level Ground Water Inland Water Resources Monthly Average Flow Per Unit Drainage Area by Rivers Others Repair, Renovation and Restoration (RRR) Programme for Water Bodies Sediment Load of River Basins Water Demand/Requirement Water Level of Wells

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